CARE NEST Welcome to tilo! Children are the seed of the world to come, the owners of tomorrow. To ensure their happiness and enable them to live in harmony with all things that surround them is an ambitious but essential goal. Taking care of them, helping them grow is something we owe them.

TILO VEREIN is a Swiss association created for the benefit of Argentine children in situations of poverty and inequality.


Tilo (Linden tree) symbolizes the strength of a tree, the safety and warmth of the nest. Its branches are a place to find protection and ALSO A shelter and the perfect place to meet friends. The tree recognizes its roots, its reason for existence and its fruits

This is how we feel TILO VEREIN.



My name is JULIA DUDKEVICH - Medical specialist in Pediatrics and Neonatology. Head of Service
of Neonatology of the Hosp. Raul F. Larcade. Diploma in Prematurity and
PROYECTO VITALIS is a vital, indispensable and transformative project. Love as a method, growth and development as a goal. It is maternal protection, bonding and attachment as the engine of life.

Medical specialist in Pediatrics and Neonatology


My name is María José, I am one of the founders of the Hogar Sagrada Familia Del Viso, and I want to thank Tilo Verein with affection for the donation of school supplies for the children. Your help was valuable for the school support we do every day. Thank you very much TILO VEREIN!

María José Sbarbi Osuna


I am Carlos Libman, and in my capacity as President of Sembrar Futuro, I want to thank the support received by Tilo Verein for our Youth Support work in El Impenetrable Chaqueño. In the short time since our organizations have met, we have received great support from you, and we envision a future of enormous collaboration. Today we know that every new step we take, will be accompanied by your generosity. Millions of thanks!!!!!

Carlos Libman


I am Christine Pintat and I wanted to thank TILO VEREIN for the generous donation for our Casa Rafael Foundation.
The donation came at a very appropriate time when Argentina maintained strict confinement measures, with a very strong negative impact on low-income families. The donation was used to buy a gift for each child, which was given to them on Children's Day and the children received with immense joy.
Casa Rafael once again expresses its deep gratitude for this gesture of solidarity.

Christine Pintat


I am Antonia Aguirre responsible for the Milagritos de Amor Dining Room at Barranqueras, Province of Chaco. I want to specially thank TILO VEREIN for the help we have received that allowed us to improve the building establishment of the dining room as well as add essential supplies to improve the attention of children, adults and the elderly. Also 300 pairs of new sneakers for families.
We are extremely grateful for the help provided by TILO VEREIN and may God allow us to continue having its collaboration in the future.

Antonia Aguirre

Our projects

Proyecto Vitalis

Did you know that in Argentina eight premature babies die per day?

PROYECTO VITALIS collaborates to reduce infant mortality in premature babies from low-income families in vulnerable socio-environmental conditions through a very simple method used by aboriginal communities for thousands of years around the planet. The World Health Organization developed a practical guide it called the KANGAROO MOTHER METHOD and that we implement in PROYECTO VITALIS. This method is effective in the evolution of premature babies, allowing to cover the needs of the baby in terms of heat, lactation, protection against infections, stimulation, safety and love.

Tilo Up

What does TRIPLE IMPACT mean? 

It is an economic model that, in addition to being interested in financial profit, seeks to generate a positive social and environmental impact.

Many companies that produce goods are faced with the problem of production discards such as packaging that has already fulfilled its function and/or defective products that can not be used for their original purpose and must be discarded. 

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What does TRIPLE IMPACT mean? 

It is an economic model that, in addition to being interested in financial profit, seeks to generate a positive social and environmental impact.

Many companies that produce goods are faced with the problem of production discards such as packaging that has already fulfilled its function and/or defective products that can not be used for their original purpose and must be discarded. 

In TILO VEREIN we find in this an opportunity to reuse them (UPCYCLING) to create new objects, transforming them into original gimmicks for companies.

This is how TILO–UP finances its projects, not only with donations but also by offering companies gift proposals for their internal and external customers, with an uplifting message for themselves and the planet.


waste material

Truck tarps, raffia sandbags, seat belts, used or defective Airbags, PVC advertising posters and banners, scraps of fabric from clothing industry, scraps of leather…


Recovery process (upcycling)

Upcycling is the use of products, waste materials or waste in general to manufacture new materials or products of higher quality, greater ecological value and greater economic value. Upcycling is one of the practices of the Circular Economy.


New Object (Gimmick)

Cargo bags, bags, cosmetic holders, travel bags, toiletry bags, wallets, pencil cases, backpacks, glasses holders, document holders, fanny packs…



Milagritos de Amor

The Milagritos de Amor Dining Room is located in the Milagros neighborhood, Barranqueras Town, Province of Chaco, Argentina. It started operating in 2001 with 75 children who were only given a cup of milk. Currently 340 children and adults receive lunches and snacks.
At night there is a small school for adults so that they may finish their primary education and prenatal education is also provided for future mothers.
At TILO VEREIN we are happy to have collaborated with bricks and construction materials for the dining room, wooden tables and benches, pans and kitchen utensils and the donation of 300 pairs of slippers for children and adults

Sembrar Futuro

Asociación Sembrar Futuro is an NGO that works in the Impenetrable Chaqueño in the town of Miraflores, El Chaco, Argentina, sponsoring schools and students, making civil constructions, providing educational materials, among many other things, so that children have opportunities to develop in their future independent lives.
TILO VEREIN sponsors several children by providing school supplies, cell phones and school books so that they can have a decent education.

Casa Rafael

Fundación Casa Rafael is an NGO located in the neighborhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires, which operates based on the conviction of the transformative power of art, promoting resilience in children at psychosocial risk, stimulating their creativity in various artistic disciplines.
Their vision is to make these children aware of their dignity and discover and develop their potential, so that they may achieve a healthy and comprehensive insertion.


The «Sagrada Familia Del Viso Home» opened its doors in 2000 to accompany children and young people at social risk, in a state of abandonment and without possibilities or protection from their own families.
This space was created so that these children could find contention and guidance to enjoy their childhood, have opportunities, develop their potential, and learn values that would allow them to face their future with hope and strength.
Every day, 50 children receive food, education, primary health, clothing among other things.
The construction of a multipurpose room (SUM) is planned for 2022, in order to incorporate and help more children. The goal of the new project "Primeras Letras" is to lay a didactic base with pedagogical contents so that 20 children of 4 and 5 years old may face their school stage with better tools.


There are different ways to make a difference.
Donations are not only monetary, you can also support us by giving something that helps and contributes to the disadvantaged communities.

Here are some ideas of how you can contribute:

Who we are

We are a group of people of diverse cultures, beliefs, origins and professions united by the desire to collaborate so that the children of Argentina have the opportunity to grow and develop in a fairer world. We want children, who are the germ of life to come, to become robust trees like the Linden with all its potentialities.

Since February 2020 we have been working to make these opportunities possible. We are in Switzerland, in the canton of St. Gallen, in a small town called Schmerikon. From here, we connect with companies and people from all over the world who each want to contribute with their own seed, to the extent of their possibilities, for this cause. We believe that unity is strength and that nothing is impossible.

Marcela Lozano

Teacher specialized in childhood and leadership
Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience working with native communities in Argentina. Ex-Coordinator of textile sector projects of the City of Buenos Aires, Bs. As. Argentina.

Félix Brunschwiler

Process engineer specialized in environment and sustainability. Current Mayor of the municipality of Schmerikon, Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland.


We thank those people who selflessly supported us with the translations and design of this website and Instagram. Without them the spirit of the message would not have been the same.

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